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BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookTitle: "The Minutemen of VP-92: The Story of New England's Naval Air Reserve Patrol Squadron" by Marc FRATTASIO, AW1 Marc "Frat" J. vpassociation2@gmail.com (Marc Frattasio has also authored: "The New Haven Railroad in the McGinnis Era" and "New Haven Railroad - Dining on the Shore Line Route" http://www.gis.net/~fm/). Squadrons and Naval Air Stations (history, pictures, etc.) include: Naval Air Development Unit, NAS Brunswick, Maine, NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, NAS Squantum, Massachusetts, VP-11Z-4, VP-63-Z1, VP-63-Z2,VP-63-Z3, VP/VPB-92, VP-911, VP-912, VP-913, VP-914, VP-915, VP-916, VP-917, VP-919, VP-ML-69, ZP-11 and ZJ-1. The book is 203 pages long and features 216 illustrations. It is really much more than just a history of VP-92, though of course this is the primary focus. Basically, the book provides a good summary history of the entire Naval Air Reserve maritime patrol in New England covering NAS Squantum, Massachusetts, NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, and NAS Brunswick, Maine, the WW2 era VP-92/VPB-92, and VP-92's Naval Air Reserve patrol squadron predecessors (VP-911, etc.) as well as VP-92. At the present time the book is only available via the Internet on http://www.lulu.com/content/757344. Copies can be purchased on-line through the link referenced above using a credit card. You can also get more information about the book and review a few of its pages via http://www.lulu.com/content/757344. [05APR2007]

UPDATE "...An expanded second edition of the VP-92 book, "The Minutemen of VP-92" is now available..." Contributed by Marc FRATTASIO, AW1 Marc "Frat" J. vpassociation2@gmail.com [18FEB2008]

The second edition features 303 pages and 451 photographs (the first edition had "only" 203 pages and 216 photographs), more sea stories, coverage of the decommissioning ceremony and events, and is available in hard cover for the first time as well as in soft cover.

As was the case with the first edition, the second edition of the VP-92 book is not available in bookstores and can only be obtained on-line directly from the printer. You can obtain a copy of the softcover version at http://www.lulu.com/content/757344 while the hardcover version can be obtained at http://www.lulu.com/content/1922535.

Please pass the word to all your VP-92 friends. Also, if you have not already done so, please pass your contact information on to Herb Tallent at herbtal@roadrunner.com so he can add you to his VP Patrol Association mailing list.

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