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MishapsMISHAPs: 06 AUG 51 A/C: PB4Y-2 PB4Y-1 Location: North of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington Strike: Yes BUNO: 59657 CAUSE: Flew into water during low altitude bomb run 1/2 miles north of Smith Island with all lost. LT Robert A. Ward (Pilot), AN E. W.Darrah, AEAN J. T.Andrew, AT3 R. F. Bowen, ADEAN D. R. Gabbert, ADEC P. Lim, P. H. Lowe, AL3 F. E. Partain and AOU2 F. E. Thorton. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [Updated 30SEP2000 | 25MAR98]

UPDATE "...My Father, AL3 Fred Partain, was lost August 6th, 1951 during a low VP-871 flying training mission at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I am trying to reach CWO Frank DURBIN. He sent a photo sent to me through my stepfather, Ken Danielson, and I am trying to get some info on the photo..." Contributed by Fredericka "Rikki" Partain Welch rikkiwelch@sbcglobal.net [25FEB2013]

UPDATE History ThumbnailCameraVP-871 "...VP-871 - August 6, 1951...Publication Title: 13th Naval District Public Information Department Press Clippings, 1942-1960 - Content Source: NARA - Publication Number: P2012 - Date Range: 1947-Jan 1953 - Reel Number: 0002 - WebSite: http://www.footnote.com/..." Forwarded by Stephen Miller f134kilmil@comcast.net [14AUG2008]

MishapsMISHAPs: 14 JAN 52 A/C: PB4Y-2 PB4Y-1 Location: NAS Atsugi, Japan Strike: Yes BUNO: 59704 Check out Patrol flight. 2V2 - Ceiling: 1200-ft - Visibility: 1.5R - Wind: 360deg. - Force: 10 - Darkness: Yes - Type of clearance: IFR - Maneuver & altitude of maneuver: GCA to Field - Night hours in last three months: 51.0 - Angle of impact, stopping distance & estimated speed:Shallow (5-10deg), Some parts 0 to 6-ft, unknown. - Accident: P4Y-2 BuNo 59704, returning under IFR conditions from a Tactical Patrol, crashed at approximately 1649 Item, four miles east of Nas Atusgi. Fire and explosion followed impact. There were no survivors. This was a check out patrol with a VP-6 pilot on board. The aircraft entered Airways from seaward under positive control. The pilot reported, "Niigata Homer 1529, eleven thousand feet, estimating Namagaya Homer at 1604." He was cleared at eleven thousand feet. At 1610 Item, the pilot erroneously reported (as determined by Tokyo Radar Control) "Over Kumagaya." A corrective steer of 090deg for three minutes was transmitted. Radar observation indicated the aircraft to be over Kamagaya Homer at 1637 at four thousand feet. The pilot reported that he had left eleven thousand feet because of heavy ice, but no longer had ice at four thousand feet. Further clearance to Atsugi Homer at three thousand feet heading 180deg was transmitted to aircraft. The pilot requested GCA through Atsugi Homer. At 1647 communication was established. 1708 weather at Atusgi was reported at twelve hundred feet ceiling, 1/10 stratcummlousk, visibility 1.5, moderate rain, temperature 34deg, dewpoint 33, relative humidity 98%, altimeter 29.445, surface wind northerly at 10kts. - The pilot reported "Four miles north-east your station, emergency engine cut out, heading 250deg." The aircraft was cleared to Atusgi Homer at two thousand feet at which time pilot reported fifteen hundred feet. Atsugi GCA then observed a target bearing 090deg at eight & one-half miles from Atsugi Homer heading 250deg. Immediately following, the pilot reported another engine out at twelve hundred feet and losing altitude. The aircraft was being directed into the field for a short final approach, GCA directed "Steer 280deg maintain all possible altitude." This heading was directly toward the field. GCA observed the aircraft four miles north-east, at which time the pilot reported at eight hundred feet in a right turn and going into the ground. The aircraft was observed to enter a right hand turn before radar contact was lost. Eye witnesses observed a wing hit trees on a hill top immediately prior to the crash. Orgin of fire was described by one witness the be centered at wing root. It was not possible to determine the exact cause of the explosion. - Crew killed: Pilot: LT Chester C. Johnson USNR VP-871 - LT Lewis W. Seymour USNR - LT Edmund CL. Hill USNR - AMC Leslie R. Humiston - AL3 Martin L. Cedeno USNR - ALAN Ralph W. Stacy USNR - ADEL John H. Jorgensen USNR - AT1 Joseph M. Wilkins USNR - AO3 Leroy McMurray USN - ADE Robert M. Funk USNR - AN Robert A. Rosa USN - AD3 Oscar R. Anderson USNR Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [05MAY2003]

UPDATE "...On Jan 14 1952 a PB4Y-2, Bu#59704 of VP-871 had a double engine failure and crashed about 4 miles east of NAS Atsugi, Japan. All aboard perished in this accident. (This information along with crew names can be seen on the VP International site, http://www.vpinternational.ca/ .) VP-871 was relieving VP-6 at Atsugi. Either one or two members of VP-6 were aboard to help familiarize VP-871 with their new duties. I'm interested in determining which of the names were VP-6 personel...Bob Dell thedells@ctilink.net..." [03JUN2002]

UPDATE "...I have determined the name of the VP-6 member of the crew that perished in the VP-871 accident on Jan 11th 1952. He is listed as L. R. Humiston AMC on the VP International list. His name was Les Humiston and he was an APC (Enlisted pilot). Les was the PPC of crew 1 of VP-6 at the time of the accident. (The skipper had transferred himself to another crew to fill an emergency vacancy near the end of VP-6's deployment leaving Humiston with crew 1.) Humiston was a well qualified pilot as his previous duty was checking out officers in type before being transferred to VP-6. This information comes from his radioman in crew 1, Frank Acosta, who was an ALC at the time and a friend of Humiston's. It was also was verified by Rudy Ohnersorgen who had also served in Humiston's crew..." [19JUN2002]

UPDATE "...I would like any information on the crash of a PB4Y-2 of VP-871 (A recalled Oakland squadron) near Atsugi in December of 1951. Pilots Lt Seymour & Lt Johnson (?) All killed! I was the best friend of LT Seymour in VPB-43 in the Aleutians in WW II..." Capt. Gene Guthrie USNR-Ret pbygus@gte.net

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