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BALDWIN, LeRoy G. lgbw0ofy@aol.com "...I served with VP-ML-61 (1949), VP-811 (flying the PV-2) and VP-813 through March 1959 with over 9 cruises. I went into the Navy at 17 and came out 27 years of age..." [16JUN2011]

Memorial Picture "...HOLTZ, Happ...My Father, Happ Holtz, passed away September 17, 2004. Dad served with VP-811 at NAS Minneapolis, Minnesota. I would like to hear from anyone that may have known my Dad..." Contributed by Tom Holtz tom.holtz@cbre.com [12JUN2012]

KLARQUIST, Norman Klarquist klarq@hitter.net "...The comment about the PV2 Mishap ditching in Lake Michigan in April '50 caught my attention for I was aboard that aircraft. The squadron was VP-811 (organized reserve) and we returning from a flight to San Juan over Easter and flew into a into a storm over NAS Glenview, Illinois so we could not land. We circled until short of fuel so our pilot decided to ditch as the safest means of landing. We landed safely and without injuries due to our training during the war. I still have the newspaper articles on the incident. Had one more incident at Mpls. when the pilot retracted the gear instead of the flaps right in front of the terminal. I also served in VP-91 (PBY-5A) and VPB-143 (PV2, PB4Y1 and PB4Y2) as ordnanceman..." [29JUL2000]

MARTIN, Richard A. 2dmartins@embarqmail.com "...I served with VP-811..." [16APR2014]

PETERSON, CAPTAIN Donald O. Retired donp@mwsco.com "...I enlisted in the Naval Air Reserve in January of 1953, as an AR and retired as Captain in August of 1992. I served on active duty '56 to '59 as an ET3P1, then went back to AT3/AT1 and became a qualified crewmember in P2V-4, 5, and 7's flying radar and radio positions with VP-811 and VP-814. I also flew radar in S2F aircraft. I recieved a commision in July 1964, and became assistant maintenance officer in VP-811, all stationed at NAS Twin Cities, Minnesota. In 1966 I transfered to Detroit Michigan, and affiliated with NARMU 731 and its successor names until selected for maintenance officer of VP-3414 and then VP-93 as a plankholder.('76-'82) Following promotion to CDR. and some VTU duty I served in the Maintenance officer billet for VR-56, and was cross assigned to VR 51 at NAS Glenview, Illinois to assist in the transition from C118 to C9 aircraft. My next duty was with the Air Systems Command VTU prior to my last assignment as the Naval Laiason Officer for the State of Minnesota. I was thrilled to review the entries and note the progress made in the careers of many of the sailors that I served with. I still own my welding Supply distributorship with headquarters in Winona, MN, and stores in Winona, Red Wing, and Rochester MN, La Crosse Wisconsin, and Dacorah, Iowa..." WebSite: http://www.mwsco.com/ [03SEP99]

Memorial Picture "...SNELGROVE, CAPTAIN Ed...My Father, CAPTAIN Ed Snelgrove (USNR), passed away in 1998. Dad loved flying (pilot) with VP-811 at NAS Twin Cities, Minnesota, which he commanded for a year before its disestablishment. Dad would tell me and my brother many wonderful stories and how successful they were at keeping enemy subs out of the Great Lakes. I later became a Navy H-3 pilot and my brother ended up flying F-15s for the USAF - so I guess the programming stuck! There is a P2V on static display at NAS Moffett Field, California and it reminds of my Dad and his stories about trips out to the Bay Area from MSP. I also recall trips out to NAS Brunswick, Maine when he would come back with a gross of lobsters in the hold. I would like to hear from former Shipmates that may have known my Dad..." Contributed by Ted Snelgrove tsnelgrove@ahoo.com [25OCT2010]

TSCHIDA, CDR Walter J. https://naval-air.org/flightlog/moreinfo.asp?UID=505 "...CDR Walter J. Tschida, USN/USNR NFL Number: 505. Date of Birth: 9/17/1921 Date In: 7/30/1942 Date Out: 10/1/1963. City, State: Shoreview, MN. Aircraft Flown: PBY, PBM, PV-2, P2V, S2F. Ship or Unit: VP-811 CO, VP-812 and VPB-27. Pilot Desg.: Patro Plane Cdr Theaters, Campaigns, etc.: Saipan, Okinawa. Associations/Service Organizations: Natl Bus. Aircr Assn Minn.Business Pilots Quiet Birdmen. Highest personal decoration or award: Legion of Merit (3). Significant Achievements: 17,000 flight hours. Airline Transport Pilot. Distinguished Flying Cross (3). Director/Chief Pilot, Onan Corp. and McGraw Edison Co. In Memoriam? No..." [28NOV2005]

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