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Crew 2

VP CrewCREWs: VP-215 Crew 2 ThumbnailCameraVP-215 Crew 2 "...My father, ADR1 Jack HAMMONTREE, was aircrew with VP-215 from 08NOV1943-04OCT1944. My father is standing back row far left. This picture is from his private collection..." Contributed by Jerry Hammontree jerryh@fastmail.com [20DEC2021]

VP CrewCREWs: VP-215 Crew 2 ThumbnailCameraVP-215 Crew 2 "...CASAZZA, PO1 Edward J. Retired...My father, Edward J. Casazza, passed away February 22, 2014. Following high school, Dad enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served with VPB-215 (1942-1945) flying aboard the PBM..." Contributed by Tim Casazza casazza@ll.mit.edu [03MAR2017]

Crew 6

VP CrewCREWs: VP-215 Crew 14 ThumbnailCameraVP-215 Crew 6 "...Circa 01FEB44...AMM2/c FREY (Plane Captain), ENS McDONALD (3rd Pilot), LTJG OTIS (PPC), ENS CHURCH (2nd Pilot), AMM2/c BOYCE (2nd Mechanic)...ARM3/c McCANN (1st Radioman), ARM3/c HOLLINGSHEAD (2nd Radioman), AOM2/c HAYNES (1st Ordnanceman)...ARM3/c ADAMS (2nd Radarman), S2/c ASH WORTH (2nd Ordnanceman), ARM3/c LITZENBURG (2nd Radioman)...S2/c ANTHONY (2nd Radarman), AMM3/c POWELL (2nd Mechanic), LTJG FONTNEAU (1st Pilot - Not Shown)..." Contributed by CDR Gordon R. Otis USN RET gro@asp.navair.navy.mil [18NOV99]

Crew Unknown

VP CrewCREWs: VP-215 Crew 2 ThumbnailCameraVP-215 Crew "...Crew of Joe Levinson's PBM Kings Point, Bermuda. Joe is front row, 3rd from left. WebSite: Military Order of the Purple Heart http://www.purpleheartaustin.org/..." Contributed by Renee reneechele@aol.com [29NOV2010]

VP CrewCREWs: VP-215 Crew 2 ThumbnailCameraVP-215 Crew "...My father Wm. Ralph Voss Jr. is the officer in the back row left. I don't know his rank at the time of the picture nor do I know the names of the other crew members or the date of the picture. However, I'm sure it's the same plane and date as the picture on the web..." Contributed by William Voss vossbi@nortelnetworks.com[25SEP2000]

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