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BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookTitle: "VPNavy! USN, USMC, USCG and NATS Patrol Aircraft Lost or Damaged During World War II" by LCDR Douglas E. Campbell, USNR (Retired) dcamp@aol.com "VPNavy! USN, USMC, USCG and NATS Patrol Aircraft Lost or Damaged During World War II" Thousands of hours of research have culminated in this First Edition of U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and Naval Air Transport Service patrol aircraft lost or damaged during World War II. Within these 600+ pages can be found more than 2,200 patrol aircraft across nearly 300 squadron designations; the majority of the aircraft complete with their stories of how they were lost or damaged or simply Struck Off Charge (SOC) and removed from the Navy’s inventory. Of interest to the reader may be the alphabetical Index to the 7,600+ names of Officers, aircrewmen and others mentioned in the book. Squadrons, etc. mentioned include: VB/VP/VPB, FAW, VD, VH, VJ, VMD, VR, NATS, NAS, etc. You may purchase as copy through: Lulu Press, Inc.. Contributed by LCDR Douglas E. Campbell, USNR (Retired) dcamp@aol.com [26FEB2018]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Survival on a Coral Planet" by Billie R. Armstrong. I have completed my book entitled "Survival on a Coral Planet", which I give a account of my military years in the US Navy, during WW2. One of those entries includes aticles submitted by crew members of VP-133, along with discriptions of military actions during those years. VP-71 and VP-144 (with pictures) are also discussed in my book. Billie R. Armstrong 2ww@sbcglobal.net [12JUL2007]

BooksBOOKs: Title: PV Ventura and Harpoon Units of World War II (by Alan C. Carey) will be produced by Osprey Publishing early next year (2002). It will cover: USN VB/VPB-125, VB/VPB-126, VB/VPB-127, VB/VPB-128, VB/VPB-129, VB/VPB-130, VB/VPB-131, VB/VPB-132, VB/VPB-133, VB/VPB-134, VB/VPB-135, VB/VPB-136, VB/VPB-137, VB/VPB-138, VB/VPB-139, VB/VPB-140, VB/VPB-141, VB/VPB-142, VB/VPB-144, VB/VPB-145, VB/VPB-146, VB/VPB-147, VB/VPB-148, VB/VPB-149, VB/VPB-150, VB/VPB-151, VB/VPB-152, VB/VPB-153, VD-2, and VMF-(N)-531. It will also cover RAF, RAAF, RCAF, RNZAF, and SAAF squadrons. Contact Alan C. Carey acarey@austin.rr.com for ordering information. [21AUG2001]

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