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MishapsMISHAPs: 04 FEB 45 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: NAS Boca Chica, Florida BUNO: 65305 CAUSE: Training flight. Take-off from runway #7 and just prior to plane becoming airborne at a speed of approximately ninety-five knots, pilot made a motion with his right hand, which the flight engineer-LONGERGAN, mistook for "Wheels Up" signal, and promptly retracted the landing gear. The starboard landing gear folded allowing wing and propellers of #3 and #4 to come in contact with the runway. By hand application of left rudder and brake and full forward action in the yoke, the pilot was able to prevent a "Ground Loop" and the plane skidded to a stop on the starboard side of the runway. Repair beyond facility of this unit or station:Damaged Beyond Repair. Crew & passengers OK. Pilot Lt Eric Arnholdt A-1 USNR, Lt(jg) Jack H. Kolligian (co-pilot) USNR, Lt(jg) Norman E. Forsee USNR, AMM1c Francis P. Longergan USNR, ARM2c Thomas M. Garrett USNR, AOM3c Vernon Tucker USNR, ARM3c Donald E. Wikstrom USNR, AMM2c Walter R. Karns USNR, AMM3c Oscar H. Divins USNR, Cpl Howard J. Landerman USMC, Pvt Ellis F. Wilkingon USMC, and Pvt.Jerome C. Wetii USMC. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [23NOV2001]

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