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Circa 1978

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation September 1978 "...History and Change-Of-Command - Page 27 and 29 - Naval Aviation News - September 1978..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1970s/1978/sep78.pdf [09OCT2004]

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Circa 1977

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation September 1977 "...Change-Of-Command - Page 32 - Naval Aviation News - September 1977..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1970s/1977/sep77.pdf [08OCT2004]

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Circa 1976

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation December 1976 "...Bermuda - Page 28 - Naval Aviation News - December 1976..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1970s/1976/dec76.pdf [07OCT2004]

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Circa 1975

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation September 1975 "...Changes Of Command - Page 28 - Naval Aviation News - September 1975..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1970s/1975/sep75.pdf [03OCT2004]

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Circa 1974

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation June 1974 "...Lovin' Eleven - Naval Aviation News - June 1974..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1970s/1974/jun74.pdf [01OCT2004]

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Circa 1972

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation November 1972 "...Squadron Insignia - Naval Aviation News - November 1972..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1970s/1972/nov72.pdf [27SEP2004]

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HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation June 1972 "...Beer Bottles, Bombs And Battles - Page 22 to 27 - Naval Aviation News - June 1972..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1970s/1972/jun72.pdf [27SEP2004]

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HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...The day after I came into the squadron in NAS Brunswick, Maine as XO in June 1972, the news broke that the Navy was going to break its long time rule and deploy an East Coast squadron to WesPac. Not more than a couple of weeks later we were on our way to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines with stops at NAS Moffett Field, California, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, and NAS Agana, Guam. Well, ol' XO had a problem getting there. It was really a problem with LE-2, whose #3 engine kept trying to tell us it was on fire, maybe. Trouble started on the climbout from NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, fully loaded, of course, for the long transit to NAS Agana, Guam. Red Lights, honk- honk, so we put it in the box, burned down, landed, and tried to get it fixed. Some of the squadron guys turned to with our F/E ADJ1 Hite. Next day, we were ready. We gas up, and away we go again. Same deal, on climbout, at about 8,000 feet. Same deal. Another night in NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. You can imagine the reputation we were getting with our Shipmates who were already working and flying full tilt at NAS Cubi Point, Philippines in the midst of the legendary 1972 rains! So next day, assured by all the power plants and electrician chiefs in the host squadron that the problem was electrical, we took off for the third time. Same deal. This time, however, we found that we could make it stop giving us a fire warning by easing back on the power lever. So we flew it that way, all the way to NAS Agana, Guam, then on to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. Praise be, the XO had arrived! Next day, our Power Plants senior chief strolled into the XO's office with what was left of one of the burner cans for the #3 engine. Like, dust. Well, war is hell, right? Finally the rest of the guys stopped giving Crew 2 grief over our delay. Especially when they saw the evidence!...O'NEIL, Bill bill123hb@aol.com..." [04JUN2004]

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Squadron ThumbnailCameraVP-11 Logo "...Split deployment to NS Subic Bay, Philippines/Utapao RTAFB from August-November 1972..." Contributed by MIGDALEK, Bruce Duckadder@aol.com [12MAY2003]

Circa 1971

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...Patron Eleven Newsletter - September 1971..." Contributed by WESTMARK, AE3 Robert C (Chris) cwestmark@svic.net [18MAR2001]
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