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BALKE, Roy L. roy.balke@verizon.net "...I served with VPB-109..." [E-Mail Updated 31DEC2002 | 22JAN99]

BRADY, William (Bill) Robert williambrady@usa.net "...I joined the navy(USN)June 17 1943. Boot camp Farragut, ID. AMM school at Norman,OK. Gunnery school Purcell, OK. PBY School, NAS Jacksonville, Florida May 1944. B24 school Hutchson Ks. PB4Y-2 training Mumicipal #1 NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Joined VPB-109 crew 15 at Camp Kearney, CA. Dec.24, 1944. Made tour of duty duty to Kaneohe, T.H., Palawan, Philippine Islands, Iwo Jima and on to Okinawa. Plane was 59501, picture on side was "PUNKIE." I was 2nd mech and the Plane Captain starting June 10, l945. Back to states in Nov. 1945, Oakland, CA, and onto Edenton, NC. were I joined VPB-114. Then to the Azores till August 20,1946. Back to the states and discharged on Oct. 22,l946. Would like to hear from anyone that I served with..." [07JUN98]

DELAHOUSSAYE, Thomas W. flyingd@eatel.net "...I served with Cmdr. "Bus" Miller on VB-109 as the starboard waist gunner on crew #1 between 1943 and 1944..." [10JAN99]


EDWARDS, B. J. BJEDWARDS1@aol.com "...Served with VPB-109 NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. APRIL 1945 UNTIL OCT 7, 1945 AT NAS Alameda, California AMMF 3C..." [02FEB99]

FUSSELMAN, Tom tomfusselman@email.msn.com "...VPB-109 CREW 18-Russ Moyer PPC; self and Rod Hamilton Co-pilots; PB4Y- 2, later flew P2V-5F as PPC out of Whidbey Island -&- Kodiak-now flying Cessna 182's and V35 Bonanza's when time permits..." [24APR2001]

GILL, John T. lucyh@alltel.net "...I served with Crew 16 of VPB 109 in 1944 and 1945. I was on the crew with Braddock as pilot and Perkinsas co-pilot. I served as AMM 2 and was starboard waist gunner. I would like to hear from any other members of crew 16..." [28FEB99]

GOODELL, Billie N. Shipmate Pix ...Circa 2006 goodkemp@aol.com "...I joined the Navy at 17 and attended Boot Camp (Platoon 56) at NS Norfolk, Virginia followed by Aviation Machinist school. I reported to VP-83 in May 1941. VP-83 was flying PBY's. After training we departed for NAF Natal, Brazil (June 1942) and returned to NAS Norfolk, Virginia (May 1943). We exchanged our PBY's for PB6Y-1 and formed VPB-107. I reported to NAS Hutchinson, Kansas for Combat Aircrewman School. We formed a crew known as M68. After graduation we were sent to VPB-197 NAAS Camp Kearny, California. We arrived June 1945 to train for VPB-109 on Okinawa, Japan. We deployed July 1945 for VPB-200 at NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii for additional training. I left VPB-200 for VPB-109 August 1945. They were disestablishing VPB-109 and reassigned us to NAS Alameda, California (December 1945). I was then assigned to VPB-197 NAAS Camp Kearny, California. VPB-197 was disestablished April 1946. I was assigned to FAETUPAC NAAS Ream Field, San Ysidro, California. I was then assigned to BTU 2 NAAS Corry Field, Pensacola, Florida (January 1950). I then reported to VR-24 Det 1 NAF Naples, Italy (July 1955). I reported to VPB-16 NAS Jacksonville, Florida December 1959 until retired in September 1962. Along the way I collected a Combat Aircrew Wings, Distinguished Flying Cross, Presidential Unit Citation with Star, Good Conduct Medal with Four Stars American Defense with Star, American Campaign, European African Mid Eastern Campaign Asiatic Pacific Campaign, World War II, and the Occupation Medal Europe and American Defense. After retirement, I got on civilian job at the Naval Air Rework Facility as a Production Controller where I retired after 18 years. I now live in Pleasant Grove, Alabama and enjoying life. I would love to hear from any former Shipmates..." [BIO Updated 25OCT2006 | E-Mail Updated 08MAR2005 | 27MAR99]

Memorial Picture "...HUNT, Elmer G...It is with a Heavy Heart that I inform you of the Passing of My father, Elmer G. Hunt, on 28 Feb 2007. He was with PATSU-103 & VP-109. Some of you might have met him at the Reunions. He was a Fine Man and a Wonderful Father and I will miss him very much. Fair winds to you all...Jim Hunt jimhuntuxb@hotmail.com..." [01MAR2007]


McGUIRK, Donald c/o His Son Marty McGuirk martin.mcguirk@bnsf.com "...Dad a waist gunner on VPB-104 third tour. Anyone else who would like to contact, please email me. His name is Donald McGuirk..." [04JUL2001]

McNEIL, LT John V. mcneil3@worldnet.att.net "...We were attached to VPB l09 in Camp Kearney but both Lt. Mason and I were held at Kaneohe prepatory to being sent back for discharge by reason of points and lenght of service. The balance of our crew was reassigned to a new Patrol Plane Captain and sent to Palawan in the Phillipines. Also assigned assigned to VPB-200 in MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii in Aug of l945..." [09DEC99]

Memorial Picture "...MILLER, CAPTAIN Norman "Bus" Mickey...Commander Norman "Bus" Mickey Miller - Born February 1, 1908 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Died May 21, 1946 - Corona Naval Hospital, California, of tuberculosis contracted in the South Pacific. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Promoted to Captain posthumously. R.J. Reynolds High School - Class of 1926 - Naval Academy - Class of 1931 - Naval Aviator - Designated 1934 - CDR Miller Photo Album - Captain Miller took command of Bombing Squadron 109 in 1943 with the rank of Commander. This squadron consisted of 15 B-24 (PB4Y-1) planes with 57 officers and 148 enlisted men. Between December 31, 1943 and August 16, 1944, his planes sank 20 Japanese ships, probably sunk or damaged 46 other enemy surface craft as well as destroying installations and aircraft on many South Pacific Islands. Some of the islands included Truk, Kwajalein, Puluwat, Saipan and Iwo Jima. He retired from the Pacific war zone with several letters of congratulations including one from Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander- in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet: "It is enough to say that the enemy will be glad you have left the forward area. Congratulations on an outstanding tour of combat duty. Well done." Commander Miller, Naval Aviator 4050, was decorated more times than any other aviator in the Navy. Navy Cross (second only to the Medal of Honor), Silver Star (third highest award), 6 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 6 Air Medals, Purple Heart, Two Letters of Commendation from the Secretary of the Navy and Admiral Nimitz, Presidential Unit Citation VB-109, American Defense Service Medal - Fleet Clasp, American Area Compaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Stars, and World War II Victory Medal. He was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 5015-A..." [10FEB2004]


POSTON, Marcus F. c/o his son David Poston bellchaser@pensacola.com "...My father, Marcus F. Poston served with VP-43 and VB-109 in WWII. He was an enlisted pilot that was later commissioned. I was an original plank holder in VP-62 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida..." [13MAR99]

SCHAFFER, Robert lamont5@airmail.net "...I served as navigator for Cmdr. Bus Miller on PB4Ys VPB-109 1943-44. I would like to hear from others in 109..." [23JUL98]

SCULLY, Mike MICHAELmS@webtv.net "...Member of crew 17 as ordnanceman. Went through the whole Air Crew System..." [05SEP2001]

SHUART, AT1 Jerry M. c/o his son David R. Shuart d16940shua@aol.com "...My father AT1 Jerry M. Shuart served from 1947 to 1968 in various squadrons. VP-112 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VP-9 Cecil Field, VP-32 NAS Norfolk, Virginia, VP-176 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VP-109 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VP-6 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VP-10 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, and VP-9 Sanford, Fl. If you know him please let me know..." [20APR99]

SIMON, Seymoure seysimon@aol.com "...I served with VPB-109 as an ARM2/C, top deck Turret and Radio Operator. We served in the Central Pacific Atolls, Apamama, Tarawa, Enewetok, Kwajelin, and Tinian, Commander Normal Miller was our CO..." [11APR2000]

SIZEMORE, James F. jkjosie@webtv.net "...I was in VPB-109 Crew #16. I am living in Florida and would like to contact anyone who was in this crew or knows someone who was and I will get back to you. Thank you..." [15DEC99]

Memorial Picture "...SMOLAR, Rudolph Joseph "Rudy"...My Father-in-Law, Rudolph J. Smolar, passed away December 12, 2000. He served with VPB-109 Crew-11 pacific back in 1944. I miss that man although we never talked about the war..." Contributed by Fred Balliet fredballiet@msn.com [08MAR2013]

STRAUB, DONALD O BeesyOne@AOL.com "...I served VPB-109 ARM 2nd Class Gunner, Crew 13, during 1944-1945. We formed at Camp Kearney, CA under Commander George Hicks. We served in Palawon, Phillippine Islands, Iow Jima and Okinawa. Would like to hear from anyone I served with..." [16JAN99]

WACK, Thomas G. Drwackes@hgo.net "...Was AMM3c and air gunner in Crew No.15 of VPB-109, 20 April to 15 August 1945..." Personal Website: http://www.hgo.net/~drwackes/ [14JUL2000]

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