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Note NOTICE: "...Looking for the CPW-5 ball cap that was worn by folks in the ASWOC during the 1980s. Had mine since then, but left it in a C-130H2 on a spacea flight from Yakota AB, Japan to Kadena AB, Okinawa two weeks ago. Unfortunately that flight went on to Thailand! It is very important to me. Any one out there that could help me? Retired from NAS Brunswick, Maine in 1989 after 23 years in WV-2 "Willy Victors', P2Vs and P-3. I volunteer each June down at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA, giving tours through their P2V-7S BUNO: 145915. I have 'her' in my log book for four VP-92 flights!..." Contributed by Pete Dearness rrbldrpete@comcast.net [29MAR2017]


Note NOTICE: "...I was Rear Admiral Mayo A. Hadden Jr. {Mike to his friends} driver in 1970 & 1971 while he was stationed first in NAS Norfolk, Virginia and later on in NAS Brunswick, Maine. Admiral Hadden held the title of Commander Fleet Air Wings Atlantic Commander Fleet Air Brunswick, CPW-5 Brunswick, Maine 04011. I was wondering if the old man of the VP's is still alive and kicking or has he retired to the "BIG HANGAR IN THE SKY." My guess is that he would be about 85 years old now. Admiral Hadden and I got hooked up from different sides of the globe. I was returning from tour in Viet Nam and he was takeing over Command in NAS Norfolk, Virginia after having been in NAS Keflavik, Iceland. He would share some great WWII flying stories with me when we were in the car. He had a son in the navy at the same time and I think he was on a carrier out of Norfolk, Va. Admiral Haddens aid was Lt. Jack Gustafson. Here is hoping that Lt. Jack retired after 20 years and is enjoying flying still to this day. And last but not least good old #2 in charge the Captain one tough but fair ole son of a gun. Never got his star's but he sure did deservie 'em. If you know of any of the men or where they are now, just tell them to get in touch again...Larry Killmeyer killmeye@sgi.net..." [21APR2000]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm speech writer for a 3-star Admiral who will soon be retiring Captain Gavin D. Lowder. Captain Lowder served in VP-11 from 1974-1978 timeframe in NAS Brunswick, Maine deploying to NS Rota, Spain, the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, and NAS Bermuda as NFO Training Officer. He served with CPW-5 in the late 1982 timeframe as Weapons Training Officer and Force Training Officer, joining VP-10 in September 1985. I'd like to hear from anyone who knew and served with him...Kea Hessler k-kea.hessler@cnet.navy.mil..." [11JUN2003]

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